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    The 25 Most Romantic Animals That Ever Lived

    These animals are in love. Adorable, undeniable, heart-meltingly wonderful love.

    1. These lovey-dovey lizards.

    2. These Cedar Waxwings that are sharing a meal.

    3. These cats that can't get enough of each other.

    4. This chipmunk that remembered to bring flowers.

    5. These eskimo-kissing turtles.

    6. These overly-affectionate owls.

    7. These French-kissing fish.

    8. This monkey that loves a bird and doesn't care if you think it's unacceptable.

    9. These disgustingly snuggly-wuggly otters.

    10. These rose-exchanging wallabies.

    11. They're called Love Birds for a reason.

    12. These smooching snails.

    13. These tangled pandas.

    14. These twitterpated bunnies.

    15. This unlikely duo is the closest of couples.

    16. These penguins that believe one is never too old to hold hands.

    17. These necking giraffes.

    18. This chameleon that can't live without its soul mate.

    19. These puppies that are honeymooning on a tropical isle.

    20. These elephants that can't help showing how they really feel.

    21. These cats that really should come up for air.

    22. These prairie dogs that still kiss goodbye every morning.

    23. These alpacas that pack a punch.

    24. These showy swans.

    25. And this chimp that can't get enough of this tiger.