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    8 Oddly Colored Creatures

    You may be familiar with these animals, but maybe not their range of colors. No need get your eyes checked. Nature's just messing with you.

    1. Blue Lobster


    Approximately 1 in 2 million lobsters is blue.

    2. Purple Squirrel


    Percy and Connie Emert of Jersey Shore, PA caught a purple squirrel in February, 2012.

    3. Pink Bottlenose Dolphin


    In 2009, this pink dolphin was discovered in a Louisiana lake.

    4. All-Black Penguins


    Very little is known about all-black penguins because they are extremely rare.

    5. Pink Katydid


    The naturally green katydids become pink due to a condition called erythrism.

    6. White Peacock


    This peacock is not an albino; it is a rare white variant of its normally colorful counterpart.

    7. Neon Blue Garter Snake

    Via Flickr: vabbley

    Wild populations of these brightly-colored fellows exist in San Francisco.

    8. Pink Turtle


    "Caramel Pinks" are a color morph of red-eared sliders.

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