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30 Lucrative Occupations For Hedgehogs

Is your hedgehog not paying his share of household finances? Put him to work! Here are some of the best options available.

1. Toilet Paper Tube Quality Control Inspector #27

2. Bachelor Party Stripper-in-a-Box

3. Part-Time Reindeer

4. Classical Pianist

5. King of the Universe

6. Hilariously Inappropriate Coffee Mug Designer

7. Shoe Breaker-Inner

8. Professional Bottle Opener

9. Organic Chemist

10. Marshmallow Storage Rack

11. Santa Claus

12. Professionally Sponsored Halo Player

13. Jack-O-Lantern Candle Installation Technician

14. Norse-God-Cum-Superhero

15. Toilet Paper Tube Quality Control Inspector #92

16. Arboriculturalist and Tree Surgeon

17. Produce Desiccation Agent

18. Marine Salinity Researcher

19. Diesel and Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic

20. Muffin Placeholder

21. Aquatic Adventure Tour Guide

22. Dinosaur Slayer

23. Prima Ballerina

24. Boy Scout Troop Leader

25. Toilet Paper Tube Quality Control Inspector #69

26. Swiss Chocolatier

27. Reality Television House Flipper

28. Competitive Skateboard Champion

29. Toilet Paper Tube Quality Inspector #11

30. BuzzFeed Editor