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    30 Geeky Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, And Ring Boxes

    Because geek love is the best kind of love. Now who wants to get married?

    1. Transformers Decepticon Ring

    2. Be my player two?

    3. Legend of Zelda Triforce Ring

    4. D10 Ring

    5. Matching Portal Engagement Ring Set

    6. Tardis Ring

    7. Tardis Box

    8. Lightsaber Base Ring

    9. Wall-E Ring Box

    10. Star Trek Insignia Ring

    11. Green Lantern Wedding Band

    12. DNA Rings

    13. Microchip Ring and Box

    14. Indiana Jones Ring

    15. Toy Story Box

    16. Playstation Ring

    17. Less Than Three Ring

    18. Metroid Ring

    19. Hello Kitty Engagement Ring

    20. CAT5 Wedding Bands

    21. Han and Leia Bands

    22. Platinum Lego Ring

    23. Periodic Table Rings

    24. USB Ring

    25. Möbius Strip Ring

    26. Stargate Ring and Box

    27. Space Invader Band

    28. An Awesomely Subtle Superman Ring

    29. Harry Potter Book Box

    30. Ash nazg durbatulûk...