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    30 Famous Historical Figures When They Were Young

    Our mental image of many famous historical figures is typically one of them late in life, only after they achieved widespread recognition for their deeds. To counter that, here are portraits of history's notables when they were children or young men and women.

    1. Winston Churchill

    2. Gandhi

    3. Emily Dickinson


    Emily is on the far left.

    4. Theodore Roosevelt

    5. Martin Luther King Jr.

    6. Albert Einstein

    7. Mark Twain

    8. Amelia Earhart

    9. Queen Victoria

    10. Langston Hughes

    11. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    12. J. R. R. Tolkien


    Pictured on the left.

    13. Marie Curie

    14. Charles Darwin

    15. Charles Dickens

    16. Margaret Mead


    17. Thomas Edison

    18. John Quincy Adams

    19. Frida Kahlo

    20. Mother Teresa

    21. Oscar Wilde

    22. Abraham Lincoln

    23. Walt Disney

    24. Pearl S. Buck


    25. Josef Stalin

    26. Hank Aaron

    27. Jane Addams

    28. Henry Ford


    29. Marie Antoinette

    30. Robert Frost

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