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    25 Funny Animal Signs

    Some of these signs are inherently funny, others are improved by funny animals. Either way, how can you go wrong? (Pro-tip: you can't!)

    1. Naturally.

    2. I hope they're not speaking from experience.

    3. It was Stripper Day at the aquarium.

    4. How do they know?

    5. 1 in every 5 penguins aspires to be a car mechanic.

    6. The remaining 4 smell funny.

    7. But isn't it ironic, dontcha think?

    8. An important question.

    9. Don't encourage them.

    10. Bilingualism is important.

    11. Sometimes these work.

    12. Sometimes they don't.

    13. This.

    14. I mean, in case you didn't know.

    15. The alligators won't mind.

    16. But the crocodiles will.

    17. How often does this happen?

    18. I can't see moo.

    19. Just so we're clear.

    20. Run, probably.

    21. It's impressive, I guess.

    22. Seems fair.

    23. What the sign says.

    24. This speaks for itself.

    25. Be careful anyway.

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