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    21 Nerdalicious Nintendo Tributes

    If you can craft, why not nerd craft? And let me tell you, nerds make some pretty amazing things.

    1. The 8 Bit Catastrophe Survival Kit.

    2. Goomba Cord Art

    3. The Pokérose

    4. Donkey Kong Shelves

    5. NES Controller Coffee Table

    6. "It's dangerous to go alone..." Key Hanger

    7. Mario Shelves and Warp Pipe Table

    8. Metroid Ring

    9. Super Mario Aquarium

    10. Super Mario Quilt

    11. Raccoon Mario Rug and ? Block Ottoman

    12. Super Mario Pincushion

    13. Tetris Building

    14. Mario/Magritte Cross Stitch

    15. Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

    16. N64 Table

    17. Duck Hunt House

    18. Koopa Troopa Guitar

    19. Piranha Plant Lawn Ornament

    20. Super Mario Sweater Vest

    21. Life-Sized Link Papercraft

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