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    21 Cats You Went To High School With

    Oh, don't tell me that you didn't have any cats for classmates. I am fairly certain that you will recognize some of these guys.

    1. The Teacher's Pet

    2. The Mysterious Guy Who Never Took Off His Jacket

    3. The Awesomely Trendy Girl

    4. The Only Student in the Class Who Got Calculus

    5. That Couple That Was Always Making Out in the Hall

    6. The Guy Who Was in a Garage Band

    7. The Guy That Only Ever Ate School-Made Pizza

    8. The Students That Looked Like Clones of One Another

    9. The Hot Topic Goth

    10. The Guy with Access to Alcohol

    11. The Minor Internet Celebrity

    12. The Embodiment of School Spirit

    13. The Perpetual Jackass

    14. The Popular Girl

    15. The Popular Guy

    16. The Geek Gamer

    17. The Student Who Slept in the Library

    18. The Jock

    19. The Pretty Princess

    20. The Guy Who Turned Everything into a Competition

    21. The guy in the back who thinks he's invisible