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    21 Beautifully Geeky Foods

    Why do you tempt me, geek food? You're far too awesome to actually eat.

    1. Chewbacca Bento

    2. Link (Legend of Zelda) Pixel Cookies

    3. TMNT Logo Pizza

    4. Carbonite Han Solo Cookies

    5. Lego Minifig Cake Pops

    6. Pac-Man Dumplings

    7. Fractal Pancakes

    8. Minecraft Creeper Cake Bars

    9. Phyrexian Unlife Cake (Magic: The Gathering)

    10. IRL Lembas Bread

    11. Gingerbread AT-AT

    12. Studio Ghibli Character Cake Balls

    13. Where The Wild Things Are Bento

    14. Batman Latte

    15. Hello Avengers Cupcakes

    16. Angry Birds Pizza

    17. Space Invaders Chocolate

    18. Mana Cookies

    19. Dalek Cake

    20. Pokémon Cupcakes