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20 Unconventional Reasons To Be Friends With Otters

It is so awesome being friends with otters! Wait, you didn't know?

1. They are more than happy to finish up your farm chores.

2. No matter how cold it is, they will always join you for a popsicle.

3. Were you in the mood for a beer? Otter's got ya covered.

4. They always remember to give thanks for a good meal.

5. They love that you still sleep with your teddy bear.

6. They will accompany you to football games.

7. They will unclog those pesky hairballs from your drains.

8. They give the most satisfying hugs.

9. They will do the underwater camera work for your independent film.

10. Hey, did you want another beer?

11. Your jokes? Goddamned hilarious.

12. They will fish the fallen leaves out of your swimming pool.

13. They will always wave to you if they see you on the street.

14. They will make sure every party you throw is well-stocked with ice cubes.

15. Having all of Shakespeare memorized, they will happily fill in for a sick actor in your student production of MacBeth.

16. And will cheer for your favorite team during the World Cup.

17. Need a giant floating birthday cake? Otters deliver.

18. Or maybe you just need someone to retrieve your pool toys from the deep end.

19. Have I mentioned the awesome hugs?

20. Once you have bonded with an otter, they will never let you go.