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    20 Spectacularly Nerdy Dinosaur Jokes

    Warning: these jokes may be Mesozoic era old. But that's kind of the point.

    1. Dinosaurs on ambition

    2. Pretty words won't save you now.

    3. How a T-rex shows affection

    4. What do you call a polite dinosaur?

    5. Seems logical.

    6. #endtimes

    7. Dietary habits of dinosaurs

    8. You should have thought twice about this.

    9. I hope it's human, though.

    10. Dinosaur conversations usually start well, but...

    11. Never seek comfort from a dinosaur.

    12. How long can we milk this T-rex joke for?

    13. The three states of matter.

    14. Goddamn you, hipster dinosaur.

    15. When bronies make portmanteaus...

    16. Have you done a raptor safety check today?

    17. Tri-Cera-tops

    18. You know those charts that show dinosaur sizes?

    19. Aww... wait.

    20. Please respect endangered species.