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20 Hilariously Wrong Knock-Offs Of Famous Brand Names

Brand names, schmand names. These products are just as good, you hear? How could they not be?

1. Not Peanut M&M's...


But Peanut S&M's...

2. Not Starbucks Coffee... / Via

But Star F*cks Coffee.

3. Not Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey / Via Flickr: michaeldmanning

But Joens Danhse Tenderness Whiskey.

4. Not a Sony Playstation controller... / Via

But a Fony Playstation controller. Aptly named, by the way.

5. Not a Disney Princess/Barbie Phone... / Via Flickr: 1990

But a Blandness Girl phone. Note the "Benign Girl" with the Barbie imagery on the phone itself.

6. Not a Nintendo Wii...

7. Not Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers... / Via

But Mighty Mutant Power Turtles.

8. Not Johnnie Walker's Red Label Scotch... / Via

But Johnnie Worker's Red Labial Scotch.

9. Not Darth Vader from Star Wars....


But Darth Vader from Star Knight. Riding a police scooter, no less.

10. Not Superman... / Via Flickr: thedamnmushroom

But SOUPerman.

11. Not a Harry Potter backpack... / Via

But a Harry Potter/Sonic the Hedgehog/Obama backpack. Same thing.

12. Not Arm & Hammer... / Via Flickr: kafka4prez

But Arm & Hatchet.

13. Not Google... / Via

Well actually, Google. But in toilet paper form.

14. Not My Little Pony... / Via

But Demon Donkey.

15. Not Puma... / Via Flickr: belleville

But Pimp.

16. Not "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter".... / Via Flickr: wmjas

But "Unbelievable, this is not butter!"

17. Not Dolce & Gabbana... / Via

But Dolce & Banana.

18. Not Oreo Cookies... / Via

But Borios.

19. Not Google... / Via Flickr: emiana

But Googirls.

20. Not Transformers or Converse Sneakers... / Via Flickr: benchilada

But a "Conversion" sneaker robot.

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