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    18 Ways To Make Sure Tomorrow Is Better Than Today

    Having a bad day? Cheer up! Here are some tips to help you navigate the remainder of the week.

    1. Make Ice Cube Popsicles, Eat Them For Breakfast

    2. Use Cute Incentive Sites To Complete Your Work

    3. Organize Your Books Chromatically

    4. Surprise People With Cupcakes

    5. Pre-Heat Or Pre-Cool Your Favorite Socks

    6. Make Homemade Soap Bubbles

    7. Start A Spare Change Jar

    8. Learn New Words

    9. Glue Googly Eyes To Inanimate Objects

    10. Send Yourself A Postcard

    11. Fill A Room With Balloons

    12. Learn How To Find Four-Leaf Clovers

    13. Treat Yourself To A Surreal Compliment

    14. Re-Read Your Favorite Childhood Book

    15. Put Up A Bird Feeder

    16. Save Seeds, Plant Them In Newspaper Pots

    17. Put Faces On Your Food

    18. Watch Youtube Videos Of Babies Laughing

    View this video on YouTube

    Five minutes of a baby laughing hysterically is five minutes of assured happiness.