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    15 Vintage Theater Posters

    Theater buffs rejoice: these beautiful lithographs allow us a glimpse into a bygone era of vaudeville shows, plays, and novelty acts that were staged between 1893 and 1907. Some of these performances may seem alien, but others you'll surely recognize.

    1. The New Fogg's Ferry (1893)

    2. Kellar the Magician (1894)

    3. The Sandow Trocadero Vaudevilles (1894)

    4. Half a King (1896)

    5. Human Hearts (1896)

    6. The Turtle (1898)

    7. The Air Ship (1898)

    8. High Rollers Burlesque (1898)

    9. Uncle Tom's Cabin (1899)

    10. Big Gaiety Spectacular Extravaganza (1899)

    11. Happy Hooligan (1902)

    12. The Wizard of Oz (1903)

    13. The Blue Moon (1906)

    Step back from the computer to appreciate this one.

    14. A Ragged Hero (1906)

    15. Around the Clock (1907)

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