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    12 Animals That Want To Apologize To You

    These animals know they've been jerks. And they are so, so sorry.

    1. This dog... / Via

    ...couldn't feel more badly about how she's treated you.

    2. This cat... / Via

    ...regrets being so arrogant. She knows being insecure is not a good excuse for her behavior.

    3. This sparrow... / Via

    ...really hopes you'll still be his friend.

    4. This cat... / Via

    ...understands why you're angry. But the possibility of never speaking with you again makes him want to cry.

    5. This turtle... / Via Flickr: velcro001

    ...feels so small when she talks to you. Why couldn't she have been nicer?

    6. This dog... / Via

    ...wants you to know that he'll do anything to earn your forgiveness. That includes leaving the squirrels alone.

    7. This snail... / Via Flickr: kristofvagyok

    ...doesn't want to come out until he's made peace with you.

    8. This cat... / Via

    ...wishes she spent more time telling you why you're such a great guy.

    9. This goat... / Via

    ...has a hard time looking you in the eye.

    10. This spider...

    ...wishes he could hug you with all eight of his legs.

    Image credit: Thomas Shahan

    11. This chick... / Via

    ...can't really live with herself right now.

    12. This puppy... / Via

    ...wants you to know that he admires you very much.

    Can't you find it in your heart to forgive them?

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