10 Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry

Clearly the product of brilliant minds, these tearjerkers are a YouTube phenomenon. Please give them your undivided attention. Then maybe try not to kill me.


Only 14,461 views on this one.


This video had 14,750 views when I added it to this list.


33,226 people managed to watch this despite the fact that the caps lock probably made their eyes bleed.


36,389 people are wondering if that’s supposed to be a happy ending.


81,369 people must have checked this video out JUST for the Hot Cheetos line. Alas, I couldn’t find the sequel.


152,906 people came to this video looking for romance. I’m not sure they found it.


451,193 views, eh? I guess it is hard to avoid sniffling with Amazing Grace playing in the background.


This had 1,030,256 views when I first watched it. There are a lot of bored people out there. The pictures are a nice touch, though.


This one has an ambiguous ending. I was kind of surprised. I also can’t explain the insane 3,756,621 views any other way.


Honestly? This one was just included to make you feel better about everything you just watched.

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