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    10 Historical Misconceptions That Really Need To Be Cleared Up

    History: blowing your mind since forever. Let's get these things right from now on, shall we?

    1. Ancient Rome was filled with white marble statues.

    2. The pronunciation of "ye olde shoppe."

    3. The correct usage of old-timey language ("thee," "thine," etc).

    4. Signatures are a good way of gauging whether early modern English people were literate.

    5. Colonial American beds were shorter than modern beds because people, on average, were shorter.

    6. Paul Revere shouted "The British are coming!"

    7. The date Americans declared independence from Britain and the date the Declaration of Independence was signed.

    8. Napoleon was unusually short.

    9. The Emancipation Proclamation freed all the slaves.

    10. Women could not vote in America before 1920.