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    10 Beer-Inspired Products

    Beer seems like it's in everything these days. But you really don't have a problem with that, do you?

    1. Chapstick

    Oskar Blues Brewery based in Colorado makes an "Old Chub Stick" from their Old Chub Scotch Ale. You can purchase a tube for $3 at their website. Try not to lick your lips too often.

    2. Soap

    Maybe not so surprisingly, there's a good variety of beer soaps to choose from on Etsy. I went with Veve's Blue Moon soap because Blue Moon is what I usually drink and spill all over myself.

    "Oh no, I haven't been wallowing in puddles of beer. You're smelling my new soap! Do you like it?"

    3. Ice Cream

    Flickr: dave_cleghorn

    Doddington Dairy in the UK makes a Newcastle Brown Ale flavored ice cream. Yum.

    4. Candles

    Looks like beer. Smells like beer. Even uses an altered beer bottle as the candle holder. Try not to sip it while it's lit.

    5. Shampoo and Conditioner

    Duffy's Brew uses Elysian Brewing Company's beer to make shampoo and conditioner. Apparently, there's a beard serum in the works. Why am I not surprised?

    6. Perfume

    EOS beer perfume is obviously named after the Greek goddess of the dawn because hangovers are not included with your purchase.

    7. Hot Sauce

    Combining beer and hot sauce seems totally logical to me.

    8. Lip Gloss

    Heineken's lip gloss is the shinier, sexier(?) sister of beer flavored chapstick.

    9. Candy

    Beercandy unsurprisingly makes candy flavored with beer. They offer a variety of sweets, including hard candy, taffy, and chocolates.

    10. Jelly

    There are a few different brands of beer jelly, but I bet they'd all go well with peanut butter.

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