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10 Awesome Book Inscriptions

Writing gift inscriptions is hard β€” but every individual featured in this post has mastered the art of inscription writing. I would gladly receive a book from any of them.

1. The Crazy Grandma

Flickr: bookjournals

"For Eireanne who loves nature~ The book is scrungy ( Grandma washed it with Lysol ), but the story is delightful! Grandma Patty"

2. The Threat

Via Flickr: kbb

"Joe Fox, (Spiro) / Hope you enjoy this book! / Now you have a reason to see me in September - you have to return this book because I WANT IT BACK... OR ELSE I'll give you phone calls, late at night, when you have to get up early, and have to go to the bathroom!! / Have a great summer, sweetie! / (talk to you COLLECT! Ha! Ha!) /Love Arelene (Electra)"

3. The Apology

Flickr: cobra

"He isn't making sandwiches, you know, but I still hope you might like this, even though it's nothing about sandwiches.... Sorry."

4. Sweet, Yet Awkward...

Flickr: lizhenry

"To my wonderful sister-in-law/ I only wish we were related by blood so I'd know you'd be in my family forever!/ Happy Birthday/ Julie"

5. Daddy Dearest

"From Daddy with love, on our train ride to New York City and the League and the Zoo, and yogurt with donut on the train and a funny orange balloon from the cook on the train. And we rode in the front car with soft red seats (Mallory the duck was along, too. And Holly H.). And markers for pictures."

6. Reparations


"In Memory of Edith M. Pickles/ April 14, 1902 - February 15, 1995/ Asst. Librarian, Chelmsford, MA/ 1949-1959/ Head Librarian/ 1959-1972/ - Edith Pickles was my grandmother. A reserved, conservative, and very proper lady, she was librarian here during the most rapid growth period in the town's and library's history. She stoicly endured!/ Later in life she shared this story with me. In the late 1950's - early '60's, she was approached by an off-duty police officer. He asked that she "hand over" the writings of Jack Kerouac, as they were "unfit" to be in a public library. In respect for public authority, / (continued...)"

"she reluctantly handed over the books./ Although never a fan of Kerouac's, she later regretted what she had done and realized the implications of it./ In her memory, and in honor of her willingness to acknowledge her mistake, I am giving the book "back" to the public. Maybe Edith and Jack can now relate on another level!/ Given by Donny Wilcox and his wife, Islene Runningdeer Chelsea, Vermont May 1995"

7. Old Time-y Gentility and Humility

"This Good old Book/ Enny man or Woman this Book dos take I will Nock him down with a stake/ William G Kittle Is A fine boy he is verry smart in school reeds well And siphers good/ William Winn[?] he is a Rover"

8. Description Does Not Match Book

"‘93/Dear Brian,/ We have entered a new era of safe sex./ May this book continue to stimulate & excite you, but remember the safest sex is always going to be with me!!/

I love you very much, Leah"

9. The Used Textbook

"Note to the future owner:/ I would have burned this book but it was rediculously expensive and if I had burned it, I would not have been able to sell it to you for a moderately better price."

10. The Non Sequitur

Flickr: joeholmes

"For Joe, on Christmas 1978. This is the only book I know that moves as incessantly as you... With affection, Dwight / P.S. I couldn't find a Star Wars game."

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