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  • Warp Two, Mr. Sulu: How Warp Drive Might Be Possible

    Every Trekkie knows that none of the adventures of the Enterprise would be possible without warp drive, a function of the futuristic starship that allows it to travel faster than the speed of light - an idea Einstein would have many things to say about if he were alive today, as this directly contradicts the theory of special relativity. One of the first things you learn in physics - or life in general - is that faster-than-light travel is not possible. Or is it?

  • Why You Should Go To College On The West Coast

    I know, I know, everyone knows, the East Coast has all the Ivy Leagues, all the pretty forests, and all the pretentious people, right? Well, not really. (I mean, it does still have the Ivy Leagues; last I checked teleportation was still impossible for entire institutions.) Here are some reasons why you (or a rising high school junior or senior you know) should consider going to college on the West Coast.

  • Why We Want A Silmarillion Movie

    Tolkien fans have been bitterly disappointed by the restrictions of copyright etc etc on the Best of Middle Earth/Arda History Compilation, aka The Silmarillion. The Silmarillion primarily tells the tale of the Silmarils, three precious (perfect) gems, and the wars fought over them, but it also covers a bunch of fascinating history and everything that led up to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Here’s why we want a movie of it (or at least parts of it).

  • 20 Historically Accurate Things In Assassin’s Creed 2 And Brotherhood

    Yep, that’s right, a video game that can actually help you pass your test on Renaissance Italy. Okay, so nobody who knows any history could honestly try to convince you of all that Assassin-Templar stuff, but Assassin’s Creed is not without historical merit. Actually, I could probably write a dissertation on how Assassin’s Creed is historically accurate, but I don’t want to make a post that would go on for fifty pages, so here’s just 20 things ACII (with a bit of Brotherhood action thrown in) got (historically) right:

  • 18 Latin Phrases Everyone Should Know

    Some of these are more common than others. Some are catchphrases of ancient philosophers, some mottoes of universities and other organizations. Some you may have heard; some will be new to you. All of them are useful and all of them will make you sound very smart when you use them.

  • 7 Things Done Right In JJ Abrams’ Star Trek

    Star Trek had dropped off the public radar almost entirely when director JJ Abrams decided to revive the old classic with Star Trek (2009). Even closer to home was the summer hit Star Trek Into Darkness. Let’s see what’s good in these two films (besides the CGI).

  • Why Legend Of The Seeker Was An Awesome Show

    Legend of the Seeker was a fantasy show that aired for only 2 seasons (2008-2010), to the bitter disappointment of its fans. Here’s why we miss it. (Also, if anyone who’s never heard of LOTS happens to stumble across this and thinks it sounds cool, I think all the episodes are on YouTube and Netflix.)

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