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    You Can Now Pre-Order Daft Punk's New Album

    It's called Random Access Memories and it's out May 21st!! YES.

    Another 15-second Daft Punk ad aired after SNL last night, but this time it had an album title and release date for us.

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    The first ad ran during SNL few weeks ago, but didn't feature any vocals or information. The new ad, in addition to revealing album details, adds some vocals – "Like to get lucky!" – to the 15-second loop of trademark disco-house we heard last time.

    An official website also went up last night, with links to pre-order the album, which is out May 21st.

    You can pre-order Random Access Memories at iTunes for $11.99, which is out on the duo's Daft Life Limited imprint through Columbia Records.

    If you'd rather have a physical copy of the long-awaited album, you can pre-order through Daft's MyPlay Direct store. The CD is $12.98, and the vinyl is $39.98, and includes a digital album download code and LP size booklet.

    The iTunes pre-order page reveals that the album contains 13 tracks, but doesn't list any title information yet.