Where In The World Is Daft Punk?

It’s time, guys. FINALLY.

1. A mysterious 15-second ad ran during SNL a few weeks ago, hinting at a new album.

ID: 1005565

2. Since then Daft Punk posters have been popping up around the world.

6th and La Brea, Los Angeles

ID: 1005730

March 21st: Shoreditch, London

ID: 1005373

Belmont and Long, Chicago

ID: 1005752

Spotted: March 13, Los Angeles

ID: 1005396

Sunset and San Vicente, Los Angeles

ID: 1005739

March 16, Austin, TX

ID: 1005486

Pico and Hauser, Los Angeles

ID: 1005737

9. Fans are also tracking the duo’s movements around the world.

ID: 1005499

But take it all with a grain of salt!

ID: 1005508

11. There’s also a map on Reddit collecting all the confirmed ads around the world.

This entire subreddit is dedicated to tracking the sightings.

ID: 1005770

12. According to Sony’s registration of the songs with a UK licensing company, the new album should be 13 tracks long.

Sony registered their songs with Phonographic Performance Limited.

ID: 1005675

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