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What Music Does Your Favorite Disney Princess Listen To?

Who knew Sleeping Beauty was such an EDM-head?

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1. Ariel would, naturally, be a total seapunk.


Because... duh.

Loving herself some Unicorn Kid...

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... and Azealia Banks "Atlantis" vibes.

2. To supplement all her ~deep~ reading, Belle would totally get lost in shoegazey, emo rock.

Like Belle and Sebastian, who just totally got her struggle to tame Beast.

And The Decemberists, who understood the faith she had in even the most effed-up relationships.

3. The hard-working and daydreaming Cinderella would be into...

... Lorde, another girl who totally gets the "rags to riches" dilemma.

And Dolly Parton, who is basically her soul sister, whether she's singing "Coat of Many Colors"...

... or werkin' it "9 to 5."

4. Jasmine can't deal with the basics,...

... so she spends her time twerking with RiRi...

... body-rolling to Ciara...

... and getting too turnt with the A$AP crew.

5. Tiana wouldn't be a NOLA girl without loving herself some jazz.

Expect to find some hometown heroes, like Louis Armstrong...

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... Irma Thomas, the Soul Queen of New Orleans...

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.... and Harry Connick Jr. on her playlist.

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6. It's a dirty little secret that Sleeping Beauty was really just recovering from the three back-to-back all-nighters she pulled at the kingdom's underground rave.

So you'd know she'd losing her shit to Skrillex's "Recess."

And feeling curing her hangovers by jumping around to Tiesto's "Wasted."

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But most of the time – let's be real – she's probably crying to Lana Del Rey.

7. Mulan is fierce as they come, and her playlist is equally sharp.

She'd have a lot of Beyoncé, because no one's as tough-as-nails-flawless as Mulan.


And Kanye's "Blood On The Leaves" gets her actual blood boiling and ready to kick some major ass.

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8. Freak folk was made for Pocahontas.

Like, if Pocahontas invited you to a birthday party, you should definitely get her tickets to see Sigur Rós live.

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And can't you imagine her paddling along the river listening to Lykke Li?

Who LITERALLY has a song called "I Follow Rivers."

9. Snow White, being the original Disney princess, would most definitely be into the all-time great power divas.

Like Ms. Diana Ross and the Supremes...


And the gorgeous, heart--bursting power ballads of Whitney Houston.


Enjoy all of the princesses' playlists in this Spotify mix:

10 songs each, in order from Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Tiana, Aurora, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Snow White.