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Listen To An Exclusive Stream Of The "Despicable Me 2" Soundtrack

Co-producer Pharrell talks about his latest project, and what supervillain power he'd want. (Spoiler: he's a good guy.)

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2010's Despicable Me was both beloved and a big success, thanks in no small part to its buoyant and infectious score and soundtrack. The film's sequel is out July 3, but the soundtrack comes out tomorrow. Neptunes producer and all-around standout performer (who is everywhere right now) Pharrell returns to co-produce the soundtrack with composer Heitor Pereira; the two composed the first film together. The soundtrack — all soulful funk and music made for skipping down the street in summer — features three new original songs from Pharrell, including the excellent lead single, "Happy," as well as Cee-Lo on a track called "Scream." And, yes, it also features plenty of songs from the adorable Minions.

BuzzFeed has the exclusive full stream of the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack below.