Janet Jackson Has The Best Music Videos In The History Of Music Videos

Whether she’s dancing in an industrial warehouse or just lounging around in her living room, we can’t take our eyes off of her.

14. “Control,” Control

How adorable was seeing the sweet, soft-spoken, baby-faced Janet trying to tell her parents she was going to move out? This was maybe the cutest video about rebellion and independence ever made.

13. “Miss You Much,” Rhythm Nation 1814

You’re lying if you said you didn’t try doing this dance at home.

12. “Nasty,” Control

Janet tells them nasty boys off in style.

“My first name ain’t ‘baby,’ it’s Janet / Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty.”

11. Busta Rhymes, featuring Janet, “What’s It Gonna Be”

This is what the future looked like in 1999.

She and Busta melt away…tripppyyyy….

10. “Runaway,” Design of a Decade

Janet’s Bollywood phase.

9. “Together Again,” The Velvet Rope

Oh, just Janet chillin’ in Africa with a falcon, some elephants, monkeys, giraffes, and a bunch of wildcats.

She also hugs herself. Wait a minute…???

8. “All For You,” All For You

A futuristic, 2-D setting, full of electric color and cheeky choreography? Yes, please.

7. “Someone To Call My Lover,” All For You

Britney totally ripped her “I’m A Slave 4 U” video off “Someone To Call My Lover,” by the way. Three months before Brit released her sweaty club romp video, Janet had a sweeter take on an equally sultry dance party.

6. “Rock With You,” Discipline

Off her 2008 album Discipline, Janet was ahead of the curve with “Rock With You,” a sleek and sexy house track. The video is a testament to what Janet does best – no matter how many years have gone by since her debut, she remains to be one of the best dancers in music. She still doesn’t shy away from intricate routines and doesn’t need fancy effects to keep us completely captivated by her.

5. “Go Deep,” The Velvet Rope

The house party we all wish we were invited to.

4. “That’s The Way Love Goes,” Janet

Seriously, though – she throws the BEST house parties.

3. Michael Jackson, featuring Janet Jackson, “Scream”

Name me a duo more dynamic and explosive than Michael and Janet. You can’t. This was the ultimate teaming up of superstar siblings, and a huge middle finger to the media and their critics.


2. “Love Will Never Do (Without You),” Rhythm Nation 1814

Perhaps the most joyful, ecstatic video known to man. Has anyone ever captured the feelings of head-over-heels love quite like this?

And, you know, the eye candy in the video doesn’t hurt either.

“If you believe in love, say…!”



She is actually the most gorgeous person on the planet.

Okay, for real this time.

Look at how happy she is!

1. “Rhythm Nation,” Rhythm Nation 1814

The ultimate Janet Jackson video. This was the moment Janet went from Michael Jackson’s little sister into a powerhouse in her own right.

She also basically pioneered the dancing in a warehouse, post-apocalyptic, industrial setting video. So, Britney (“Till The World Ends”), Rihanna (“Hard”), Lady Gaga (“Alejandro”), and even the Spice Girls (“Spice Up Your Life”) – you all have Ms. Jackson to thank.

Thank you, Janet.

“Me?” *giggles* “You’re welcome.”

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