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    11 Popular Songs Reimagined As Vintage Ads

    If you're going to buy gin and juice from anyone, let it be Snoop.

    French art director David Redon has an amazing project called Ads Libitum where he imagines famous songs as classic advertisements, and they are all pretty fantastic.

    On his website, he explains: "With this project I wanted to take famous music tracks, and treat them as if they were commercials, the artist were the product, and the title were the slogan — all of this with a vintage tone/feel."

    1. Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice," distilled by Dr. Dre.

    2. 2Pac's "All Eyez On Me" shampoo will have everyone's head turning in your direction.

    3. How can you not buy a banana split from Kurt Cobain?

    4. Kanye West as the poster boy for hard work and determination.

    5. Drake knows the secret to taking care of Rihanna.

    6. Lather up with some of Lana Del Rey's youth potion.

    7. A man so "Happy" surely knows how to keep your teeth pearly white.

    8. I'd go to a cookout with Missy.

    9. Michael Jackson knows how to tell pesky insects to "Beat It."

    10. If you didn't know, now you know... that nothing beats Biggie's juicy pancakes.

    11. And never worry about dandruff again.

    Check out the rest of the series over on David Redon's Tumblr, and find more of his work on his Facebook and website.