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22 VMA Press Room Surprises You Didn’t See On TV

After they won their awards, here's what Ariana and Beyoncé did backstage.

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2. And revealed that Rick Ross wanted to make a video with Ed featuring topless women in Vegas.

Jason Merritt / Getty

Rick Ross recently remixed Ed's biting song "Don't," and when BuzzFeed asked him whether there were any plans to make a video with the Teflon Don, Ed said it wasn't out of the realm of possibility:

"He wanted to do a video in Vegas with lots of topless women, but we never got around to it. True story."

4. Juicy J won with Katy Perry for "Dark Horse," prompting many on Twitter to throw out that he may be on his way to an EGOT.

Yo…. @therealjuicyj gonna be hiphop’s first EGOT. watch. #VMAs


Yo…. @therealjuicyj gonna be hiphop’s first EGOT. watch. #VMAs

6:11 PM - 24 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

When is Juicy J gonna finish his EGOT?

Which is not out of the question, since he DID win an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2006 for "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" with Three 6 Mafia.

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But Juicy J did not know what an EGOT was.

Aylin Zafar/BuzzFeed

When BuzzFeed explained the concept, J replied, "I never really planned anything, you know what I'm saying? It just happened. I'm just blessed. I'm just gonna keep working, keep praying, and just stay focused. Who knows what can happen?"

7. But the vibe in the room got weird when photographers continued to shout and scream at Ariana, even after she asked them to stop.

9. And after one angry photographer started booing, Ariana swiftly turned around and sweetly said, "Don't boo me, baby!"

11. Nicki dished on her wardrobe zipper mishap, which hardly mattered because she STILL slayed.

.@NICKIMINAJ on what was going on w/her dress: "We ran out of time to get the dress zipped up." #vmas

Aylin Zafar@azafar

.@NICKIMINAJ on what was going on w/her dress: "We ran out of time to get the dress zipped up." #vmas

7:56 PM - 24 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

12. When asked by US Weekly about how she stays fit, Nicki confessed, "I have no idea. I'm always hungry and I wish I could eat whenever I wanted. That's the truth."

Jason Merritt / Getty

"Every time I’m about to do something, I try to diet for like three days before it."

13. And THEN, King Bey finally arrived.

15. And we finally got to witness how the ultimate perfection that is a Beyoncé photo is put together.

And just how LOUD and aggressive photographers can be.

16. When one photographer yelled at Bey to give them eye contact, she regally threw her beautiful head over her shoulder and gave an exaggerated smize, and everyone laughed.

Aylin Zafar/BuzzFeed

This very blurry photo is a poor representation of this moment, but you can just imagine how utterly epic it was. Beyoncé made a joke! To the press!

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