Should You Move To Canada?

Sorry to say it, but wherever you live doesn’t have anything on Canada. Again, really sorry.

  1. Do you enjoy real maple syrup?
    Flickr: chrism70 / Creative Commons
    1. Yes. Of course. Who doesn’t?
    2. No, not really.
  1. Do you knowingly commit crimes on a regular basis?
    1. No! I’m no criminal.
    2. Yes. I am a bad person.
  1. How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?
    Flickr: skibler / Creative Commons
    1. I love it.
    2. I hate it.
  1. Do you think there should be harsh penalties for using relatively harmless drugs like alcohol and marijuana?
    1. No. I’m mostly fine with casual marijuana use.
    2. Yes. I think drug users should be locked up.
  1. Really though, going to a bar and grabbing a drink is always nice, right?
    1. Yep! Always up for grabbing a cold one.
    2. No. I don’t drink.
  1. Do you think dairy cows should be given dangerous growth hormones?
    Flickr: publicenergy / Creative Commons
    1. No! That stuff will kill you.
    2. Yes. Anything to make a little more profit.
  1. Have you ever thought about how great being a Jedi would be?
    1. Of course. I’ve wanted to be a Jedi since I first saw Star Wars.
    2. Nah. I’m not really a Star Wars fan.
  1. Do you think Lay's should be more adventurous in their flavor choices?
    1. Yes. I’m always up for interesting new chip flavors.
    2. No. I’m a boring person who enjoys boring chips.
  1. How do you feel about those chocolate Kinder Surprise eggs?
    Flickr: aarongustafson / Creative Commons
    1. They’re great! Love those little toys inside.
    2. They’re dangerous and should be outlawed.
  1. Quick! Canada or New Jersey?
    1. Canada!
    2. New Jersey!
  1. Do you think it's better to be intelligent or unintelligent?
    Flickr: thomasleuthard / Creative Commons
    1. Intelligent, for sure. Smart people are great.
    2. I prefer unintelligent people.
  1. How do you feel about rats?
    Flickr: necilbug / Creative Commons
    1. They’re cute, but they’re vermin.
    2. Given the choice, I’d let rats take over the world.
  1. How do you feel about hateful homophobes?
    Flickr: msun523 / Creative Commons
    1. I’m not a fan.
    2. I like them.
  1. When you do something wrong or act impolitely, what do you do?
    1. Apologize profusely.
    2. Nothing.
  1. What percentage of something do you prefer to be As?
    1. 50%.
    2. Anything other than 50%.

15. Results: You should move to Canada!

You must be convinced by now. Look at how great Canada is! Did you even read all that awesome stuff up there? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. (Canada also has icebergs.)

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