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    24 Yahoo Answers Questions That Will Make You Wonder Where We All Went Wrong

    So many Yahoo questions. So few Yahoo Answers.

    1. I'm not a lawyer, but I think if you bought the Mona Lisa, you're legally required to eat it?

    2. Well, they certainly poop out of something. (Wait, snakes poop, right?)

    3. Something to keep in mind next time you're having a bad trip.

    4. Considering cancelling my Thanksgiving plans over this one.

    5. Okay, yeah. Thanksgiving is ruined. Thanks.

    6. Ha. Get a load of this dude! Doesn't know how to use the shower rock. Everyone knows it's for cleaning your... hair?

    7. The Quran has a lot to say about hips, and whether or not they're capable of lying.


    9. A F***ING ACURA!

    10. I suppose there's not NO chance? In fact, I'm surprised it's never happened before.

    11. Might have been a Bulbasaur, something you're pretty sure doesn't exist, or a piece of lettuce, something you know for sure does exist. Total mystery.

    12. I'm with Shannon on this one.

    13. Well, referring to yourself as a "gentleman" is a good start.

    14. The "why me" makes me feel particularly bad for this dude.

    15. Could God create a human so inflatable that he himself could not blow them up?

    16. I usually appreciate brevity, but I'd really like to hear the full story on this one.

    17. Well, one of us is doing something wrong.

    18. I... hm... wait, this is a good question...

    19. I wonder if this is that same butt-eating gentleman from earlier. Sounds like a very classy evening.

    20. Yes. And your soul is doomed to wander Quebec forever.

    21. According to Google Translate, it'd be something along the lines of "alysídaeídephobia" but I like Frank's answer better.


    23. Six-Year-Old-Man is my least favorite super hero.

    24. Hey, keep your personal politics off Yahoo Answers.

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