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    28 Wedding Proposals Every Geek Dreams Of

    If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't propose to you in a manner that appeals to your specific fandom, they aren't worth marrying.

    1. I can practically hear the chest opening music from Ocarina of Time when I look at this.

    2. There are broader bands, but these Cat5e connector rings should suffice for most couples.

    3. Comic book artist Leigh Gallagher used his talents by turning his proposal into a comic strip.

    4. Software programmer Bernie Peng created a custom version of the game Bejeweled to propose.

    5. This innovative Pokémon trainer repurposed a Pokéball to propose to his girlfriend.

    6. Cannibalizing her favorite book may upset her a little, but I'm sure she'll understand.

    7. Also applicable when proposing to anyone named Luigi.

    8. A twopher! He proposes with a TARDIS, she counters with the One Ring.

    9. If you want to show off your nerd cred, but still remain somewhat subtle, these rings are a good option.

    10. Wow! Usually you have to defeat a boss to get one of those!

    11. This role-player replaced the stone in her engagement ring with a tiny D10.

    12. Now you're thinking with proposals!

    13. If you don't have the willpower to propose, you leave it up to Green Lantern and Sinestro.

    14. ...Or the cast of The Next Generation.

    15. The only rings on this list that contain the power of the three Golden Goddesses.

    16. Just like the One Ring, except it's not binding them in darkness. That'd kinda be a bummer.

    17. An Astromech ring for the droid in your life.

    18. This ring's got a little bit of everything!

    19. This TARDIS ring is so tasteful that it could pass as a regular engagement ring.

    20. Imagine all the cool stuff you could build onto it!

    21. Nothing kicks a proposal into warp drive better than Captain Piccard.

    22. This ring from Luke Jerram has a 20 second message for his partner Shelina recorded onto its surface.

    Listen to the ring in action.

    View this video on YouTube

    23. Usually I'd be dubious about a Decepticon engagement ring, but this one is pretty awesome.

    24. An engagement ring based on Indiana Jones' whip? THIS RING BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!

    25. These engagement rings harness the powers of all the Sailor Scouts.

    26. Warning: There's no telling where your finger will end up if you put on this Stargate ring.

    27. C'mon! You're not going to argue with the toys from Toy Story 3, are you?

    28. It's not a proposal until it requires an advanced degree in computer programming.