Two Fans Quest To Find Every Location From Every Fandom

Two finnish girls living in the UK are on a quest to seek out the locations from all their favorite TV shows and movies. They’re off to a pretty solid start.

1. Dunraven Bay, Wales from Doctor Who

4. Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales from Doctor Who and Torchwood

6. Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, UK from Harry Potter

9. North Gower St, London from Sherlock

10. The National Museum, Cardiff from Sherlock

11. The Bush Inn, London from Sherlock

12. St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London from Sherlock

14. St Woolos Cemetery, Newport from Sherlock

15. National Museum, Cardiff, Wales from Doctor Who

17. Chepstow Castle, Chepstow, UK from Doctor Who

18. Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, UK from The Hollow Crown

21. Puzzlewood, Wales from Merlin


22. Castell Coch, Wales from Da Vinci’s Demons

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