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18 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Thor"

Whether you're watching Thor for the first time, or just watching it again in preparation for Thor: The Dark World, keep an eye out for these things you missed the first time.

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1. Several infamous Marvel artifacts can be seen in the Asgard weapons vault scene:

2. At one point, Dr. Selvig mentions a colleague doing work with S.H.I.E.L.D.. He described the colleague as "a pioneer in gamma radiation." He's talking about Bruce Banner, whose experiments with gamma radiation gave him the ability to transform into the Hulk.

8. At one point, Jane lends Thor a shirt that she said belonged to an old boyfriend with a forgotten name tag on it that reads "Donald Blake M.D.". Dr. Donald Blake is Thor's alter-ego in the comic books.

9. "Puente Antiguo", the small town in which most of the movie is set, translates to "old bridge". This is likely a hint at the towns role as a destination for gods using the Bifrost bridge.

11. One billboard for New Mexico tourism seen in the background of one shot featured the slogan "Land of Enchantment - Journey into Mystery". "Journey into Mystery" was the original Marvel comic book that Thor debuted in.

17. There were actually three physicists from the Science & Entertainment Exchange on staff for the film to provide scientific background. Their suggestions led to Jane Foster's profession being changed to to a physicist, as well as the use of the term "Einstein-Rosen bridge" to describe the Bifrost.

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