The 15 Most Surprising "Snog, Marry, Avoid?" Transformations

If you ever find yourself walking down the street in the UK and you're approached by a robot named P.O.D., and it offers to give you a "makeunder," just say yes. The results will definitely surprise you.

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And after the makeunder:

Before her makeunder, 47% of the public said they'd avoid this high maintenance woman. With her new look, 70% of the public said they'd snog her, and the other 30% said they'd marry her. Nobody said that they would avoid her.

And Olivia transformed into Dean after the makeunder:

While she was Olivia, 96% of the public said they'd avoid her. After her transformation into Dean, a majority of the public said they would snog or marry him.

Bam Bo Tang after her makeunder:

Prior to her makeunder, 10% of the public did say they'd snog Bam Bo, but the other 90% said they'd avoid her. 70% said they'd snog her after her makeunder, 30% said they'd marry her, and 0% said they'd avoid her.