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The 30 Most Important Photobombs Of 2013

If photobombing is an art form (and it is), these are its Picassos and Da Vincis. Celebrate them.

1. This woman has the "oops, am I in your shot?" stance down.

2. This guy knows that you go big or go home.

3. Photobombers: Ruining selfies since selfies became a thing.

4. If this had gone as planned, it wouldn't have been nearly as notable.

5. This guy was just in the right place at the right time.

6. Such grace. Such beauty. (I'm talking about his jorts.)

7. I mean, this is a good one, but he doesn't need to get a big head about it.

8. That shot would have been great for your pinterest board about light-tracing, until...

9. This girl still can't figure out why nobody asked her to homecoming.

10. It's tough to say who's doing the photobombing in this picture. Is it the women or the old man?

11. Photobombers are starting young these days.

12. And this guy who found himself onstage at the Emmys wins "most graceful." / CBS

13. "In the way guy" helped make photobombing a household term. It all started when he accidentally walked into a proposal shot.

Then the internet took it and ran with it.

14. Speaking of proposal photobombs, this woman KILLS it.

15. Then there's the legendary reddit user simply known as Photobomb Girl.

16. A few celebs got into the photobombing game this year, like Kevin Spacey.

17. And Zach Braff.

18. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson definitely has the most intense photobomb form.

19. But nobody photobombs better than Beyoncé, as if there was any doubt.

20. There's no escaping the stern gaze of The Janitor.

21. Tim Duncan is so good at photobombing that he does it without even trying.

22. A rare photobomb from Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man.

23. But Tyler the Creator's photobomb trumps them all.

24. Some animals got in on the action as well, like this eager pug.

25. And this dog who is really attached to his sunny, open two bedroom apartment in Lakeview East.

26. Or this photobombing fish from the Great Barrier Reef named Gavin.

27. This llama wins "most majestic photobomb."

28. But this cat takes the day. A+ photobombing right here.

29. Then there are the truly iconic photobombs. It's not every day that you get a shot with the Endeavour shuttle.

30. And Malia Obama gave us the single most important photobomb of the year: the inauguration photobomb.

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