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The 23 Greatest Pranks Pulled In 2013

Greatest if you're the one pulling them, that is. I imagine the victims have a different opinion.

1. Nathan Fielder's "2 grams for $40" text prank:

2. Changing your friend's phone contacts so they're all the exact same:

3. Buying a little pot in front of mall security:

4. The voice-activated paper towel machine:

5. Switching out every one of your family's photos for pictures of Steve Buscemi while they're out of town:

6. ...Or hiding Nic Cage everywhere:

Naptiva via Reddit


7. Leaving a little surprise for the next people who change the carpet:

8. Having some fun with someone who texted the wrong number:

9. Barricading your classroom from your teacher after he wouldn't let you watch Les Mis in class:

10. Imagine suddenly receiving hundreds of voicemails of people just screaming incoherently at you:

11. The office cubicle non-prank prank:

12. The headless drive-through prank from MagicofRahat:

13. This clever counter-prank from Ross the engineer:

"After a long day of travel, I thought it would be nice to get home and fall into my bed. My roommates had other plans for me. They put 200 half-filled paper cups of water outside my bedroom door... (my name is Ross, by the way)"

"Unfortunately for them, I'm an engineer and I <3 Weight Distribution"

"After entering my room, I found an old board lying around and thought a bridge would be easier to walk on"

"They inadvertently created a pretty effective moat for my bedroom. Thanks guys!"

14. And his roommates' inevitable counter-counter-prank:

"So while he was at the gym, we took the board away"

"put it in the dresser in the wall near his room"

"and gave him a heads up on the way up the stairs."

"When he turns the corner, he will see this!"

15. Comedian Kurt Braunohler's sky-writing prank on all of Los Angeles:

16. This friendly Canada Day cake from an American to his Canadian friends:

17. Labeling all the jalapeños as "mini cucumbers" at your local grocery store:

18. The simple elegance of a strip of saran wrap across a door frame:

19. The pinterest board filled with Hitler quotes misattributed to Taylor Swift:

20. Giving your friend's bedroom a much-needed makeover while he's out of town:

21. Leaving this note in your medicine cabinet while you have someone over for a first date:

22. Choosing a random stranger in Germany, dressing as them for Halloween, and sending them pictures all night:

23. Whoever made this Stevie Wonder Instagram account:

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