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    The 19 Most Cringeworthy Episodes Of "Nathan For You," Ranked

    Let's look back at the most cringey episodes of Nathan Fielder's breakout series...

    Nathan Fielder is back and somehow making audiences cringe harder than ever with his new HBO series, The Rehearsal.

    19. “The Claw of Shame”

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    Cringiest moment: Nathan’s failed attempt to develop a “tearless way to tell a child that their pet has died”

    Nathan Fielder takes the risks of failure onto himself as he documents the process of developing a stunt in which he must use escape artist tactics to break free from handcuffs before a robotic arm pulls down his pants and underwear in front of a group of children with a police officer standing by to arrest him. It’s a hilarious experiment with several uncomfortable moments, but nothing in the episode comes particularly close to Nathan for You’s cringiest material.

    18. “Funeral Home / Burger Joint / Skydiving”

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    Cringiest moment: Nathan showcasing his scripted funeral performance for the first time.

    In a rare Nathan for You triple-header, Nathan helps three incredibly different businesses, including an uncomfortable “disaster waiting to happen” burger joint promotion and Nathan’s shaggy-dog skydiving bit, but the episode peaks early with its cringey goodness when the comedian decides to boost the business of a funeral parlor by hiring actors to fill out sparse funerals and writes a script that does a great job at tempting you to look away (as long as you aren’t too busy laughing).

    17. “The Anecdote”

    Nathan drives around while contemplating the "perfect" late night talk show anecdote.

    16. “The Movement”

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    Cringiest moment: The lie-filled talk show montage.

    An absolute classic of the series' four-season run, "The Movement" follows Nathan's attempt to help a moving company secure free employment by creating a fake fitness program based around moving household items. What ensues is some of Nathan's most brilliant (and cringeworthy) segments, from finding a figurehead for his fitness plan to forcing said figurehead to exercise in a windowless storage unit to avoid public detection.

    15. “Smokers Allowed”

    14. “Dumb Starbucks”

    Dumb Starbucks in Los Angeles, California draws a crowd out for free coffee.

    13. “Private Investigator / Taxi Company”

    Nathan interviews a private investigator, whom he later tasks with following him as to earn a five-star Yelp review.

    12. “Haunted House / The Hunk”

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    Cringiest moment: Nathan attempts to woo a number of women by lying about his faux dating show's handsome host's sex life.

    The "Lonely Nathan" subplot of Nathan for You bleeds into a number of episodes, but it first crept into the show's center stage in this episode, in which Nathan devises a plot to create a fake Bachelor-esque reality dating show to improve his confidence with women. Of course, the show takes a turn toward cringe fairly early when Nathan finds conflict with the host of the show, Anthony Napoli, and dives further into it with each passing moment. But even at its most uncomfortable, the episode only goes waist-deep into the river of cringe from which the show gladly, and frequently, submerges.

    11. “Yogurt Shop / Pizzeria”

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    Cringiest moment: Nathan conducts a job interview under the control of fellow comedian, H. Jon Benjamin.

    The pilot episode of Nathan for You does an effective job of establishing just how cringeworthy of a show it would eventually become, and the pair of primary projects on display are among two of Nathan's funniest. Alas, the series doesn't quite find its footing in its first outing, though some segments (which are ultimately never called back in the remainder of the show) do provide the most significant amount of cringe.

    10. “Dating Website / Party Planner”

    Nathan Fielder talks to a woman whose date he observed from a distance while wearing a burqa to conceal his identity.

    9. “Electronics Store”

    Nathan greets the owner of an electronics store while dressed in a tuxedo as a part of their promotional dress code.

    8. “Hotel / Travel Agent”

    7. “Gas Station / Caricature Artist”

    Nathan Fielder attempts to explain to customers about the absurd intricacies of their gas rebate policy.

    6. “Finding Frances”

    Nathan Fielder drives alongside Bill Heath, a celebrity impersonator he previously employed on "Nathan For You."

    5. “Nail Salon / Fun”

    4. “The Hero”

    3. “Horseback Riding / Man Zone”

    Nathan Field tests the durability of a massive helium balloon with a pair of branches.

    2. “Nathan for You: A Celebration”

    Nathan is interviewed by "The Hunk" host Anthony Napoli in this "Nathan For You" follow-up special.

    1. “Clothing Store / Restaurant”

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    Cringiest moment: Nathan decides to seek clarification regarding an apparel store's security guard about his standards of female beauty.

    Out of all the nail-biting, watch-through-your-fingers episodes of cringe in Nathan for You, none can top "Clothing Store/Restaurant" in terms of relentless cringe. Even if you manage to make it through the brutally cringeworthy "Clothing Store" segment, in which Nathan executes a plot for a store to allow shoplifting to "attractive" customers only and features one of the most difficult to watch final beats of any Nathan for You story, the cringe never lets up with "Restaurant." By the time you have Nathan glaring at a diner owner as he asks to be included in her will for recording her customers in the bathroom, then all the power to you for not tapping out.

    What do YOU think is most cringey moment from Nathan for You? Let the world know below!