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    Mar 11, 2013

    26 Stories That Are Better In Reverse

    Some stories are just way better when you start at the end and work back.

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    1. "Superheroes help a man who can't sleep"

    2. Burglar breaks into home, catches a printer, and uses a computer while the tenant plays hide-and-seek.

    3. Employees chase wild mob out of overcrowded store:

    4. Man uses overdeveloped penis muscles to perform amazing beam jump.

    5. Man puts on his shoes using a treadmill, proceeds to krump.

    6. Terrified man flees to car before tornado hits.

    7. Young man pulls off astounding soccer trick.

    8. Powerful elemental wizard leaps onto roof, summoning mounds of snow to pad his landing.

    9. Amorous dog helps young man onto trampoline.

    10. Man fixes broken door using telekinesis.

    11. Concerned athlete sniffs suspicious substance on teammate's jacket.

    12. Miraculous machine assembles couch from scraps.

    13. Woman magically fixes trampoline by jumping through it.

    14. Girl quickly becomes annoyed by cameraman's attention.

    15. Errant cricket ball fixes sunglasses before placing them on man's face.

    16. Elderly woman ducks out of frame.

    17. Man slides out to middle of frozen lake to relieve himself.

    18. Woman fills a wheelbarrow using only a board and her face.

    19. Woman leaps off of broken slide, fixing it magically.

    20. Man saves drowning woman using "The Couch Technique."

    21. Corgi gracefully jumps backwards onto dock.

    22. Drunk man on escalator makes fast and stylish recovery.

    23. Extreme athlete performs rare backwards board slide.

    24. Young boy waves good-bye to tiny aliens as they ascend back to their mothership.

    25. Angry mob carefully places man under burning car.

    26. Baby invents efficient new way to get upstairs.

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