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    18 Foods America Insists On Fucking Up

    "We'll take it from here." –America

    1. Sushi as perfected by the Japanese:

    Sushi in America:

    2. A rustic, Italian-inspired chicken parmigiana dish:

    Chicken parmigiana in modern America:

    3. Fresh and delicious Baja fish tacos:

    Fish tacos in the rest of America:

    4. Refreshing gazpacho from Spain, the precursor to tomato soup:

    Tomato soup in America:

    5. A stunning piece of salmon temaki sushi (aka hand-rolled makizushi) from Japan:

    Hand-rolled salmon sushi in America:

    6. Traditional tacos from Mexico:

    An American take on tacos:

    7. Traditional pizza from Naples, Italy:

    Pizza in America:

    8. The shrimp po' boy, classic Louisiana Creole street food:

    What the po' boy has become:

    9. A warm, gooey chile relleno from Puebla, Mexico:

    America's take on the chile relleno:

    10. Did you know that a traditional parfait from France is actually a frozen dessert similar to a semifreddo?

    And then there's the American parfait:

    11. Hearty, filling bratwurst from Germany:

    Bratwurst in the US:

    12. Rich, creamy hummus from the Middle East:

    Hummus in America:

    13. Tangy, delicious deviled eggs, originally from Rome, but popular throughout Europe:

    Deviled eggs in America:

    14. Traditional Japanese ramen:

    Ramen in America:

    15. A classic Tex-Mex burrito:

    A burrito in modern America:

    16. Time-honored English mashed potatoes:

    Mashed potatoes in America:

    17. A traditional French cheese plate:

    An American cheese plate:

    18. Teppanyaki cuisine in Japan:

    Teppenyaki in America (aka hibachi):