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    There’s Something You Never Noticed About Fallout’s Vault Boy

    Run, Vault Boy!

    You’re familiar with vault Boy, the lovable animated mascot of the Fallout series, right?

    Even as radroaches are burrowing into your vault and super mutants are bashing in your head, Vault Boy is there on your Pip Boy to cheer you on with an enthusiastic thumbs up:

    But what if Vault Boy’s iconic stance isn’t what it seems? What if it’s something much more menacing?

    According to one reddit user, there’s literally a rule of thumb method for avoiding the fallout from a nuclear blast:

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    So supposedly, when you see a blast, hold out your thumb, close an eye, and measure how big the mushroom cloud is. If it’s bigger than your thumb, run like hell:

    That's no thumbs up Vault Boy is giving, it's a desperate attempt to see whether or not he's about to die from radiation sickness. Run, Vault Boy! Run!