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    24 Signs You’re Not Really Great With People

    For everyone who feels overwhelmed when they need to make a phone call.

    1. You have a hard time navigating a normal handshake:

    2. And you've made this mistake more than a few times:

    3. When you're walking with two other people, you always end up one pace behind them:

    4. You're not great at getting back to people in a timely manner:

    5. But it's not your fault... you've been busy:

    6. You've made some grim journeys through this section of Target before:

    7. But at least you did so with a little privacy:

    8. And as far as you're concerned, this is mankind's greatest achievement:

    9. When someone says they miss you, your first thought is "there must be some mistake":

    10. Your text message history paints a grim picture:

    11. Not to mention your dating site profile:

    12. Innuendo is lost on you:

    13. You never quite know what to do when things get flirty:

    14. And you fall apart at the first sign of anything sexual:

    15. Fortunately, things rarely get sexual:

    16. This is the most used key on your keyboard:

    17. And this little guy is almost always in your recently used tab:

    18. You sometimes worry what your neighbors think when you bring out your recycling:

    19. For you, this is a godsend:

    20. Parties are a nightmare:

    21. Photobooths are never a good time:

    22. And even beer labels give you a hard time:

    23. For you, nothing beats a quiet night in:

    24. As long as you can manage to get to your room without anyone noticing:

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