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    22 Grandparents Who Are Killing It On Facebook

    Lots of love from your grandpa and Grandmaster Flash.

    1. This grandma, who’s DETERMINED to order corn.

    2. This grandpa who isn't afraid to ask Advil the hard-hitting questions.

    3. These two, who know nobody cares more than Kmart.

    4. This old egg who just wants what's best for you. And garlic bread. She also wants that.

    5. Patti, who wants to get existential with Kmart.

    6. This grandpa, who sends his best from Grandmaster Flash.

    7. And Grandma, who sends her best from Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

    8. This grandma and her warmest birthday wishes.

    9. This grandma who doesn’t know who she is when she’s around Applebee's.

    10. This thirsty grandma.

    11. Ralph, who doesn’t know much about U Tubes, but is pretty sure he can get them at Dollar Tree.

    12. Valerie, who’s full of helpful life hacks.

    13. Leslie, who apparently owns SEVERAL “things".

    14. Geraldine, who thinks you should be nicer to Rihanna.

    15. This grandma who’s always willing to go out with you and just wishes you’d call more.

    16. Milton, who has a million dollar idea for Lowe’s.

    17. This grandma who will try anything once.

    18. Terrell, who can’t get enough Grill Chess.

    19. Dennis, who just wants to make sure Red Lobster is okay.

    20. This Grandma who isn’t afraid of putting Target on blast.

    21. Steel, who knows how to get answers.

    22. This grandma who has a lot of opinions about unemployed roasts.