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18 Reasons Glass Doors Are The Worst

We may have clawed our way to the top of the food chain, but mankind still has one natural predator.

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1. Glass doors are seriously hard to figure out.

2. They're always randomly opening and closing. Are we supposed to guess which one we go through?

3. Does anyone have the manual for this thing?

4. Which side opens? The top half? The bottom half? The whole thing? ALL OF IT?! NONE OF IT?!

5. Sometimes they don't even have any glass at all, and they can still mess up your day.

6. Oh, were you hoping to enjoy that coffee? TOO BAD.

7. Oh, were you hoping to leave that casino? TOO BAD.

8. Oh, were you hoping to enter that building without incident? TOO BAD.

9. And don't even try to get though one if you've had a few drinks.

10. Running at them headfirst doesn't seem to help.

11. Nor does just plowing through them. There's just no winning when it comes to glass doors.

12. Nobody is safe. Not kids...

13. ...not dogs...

14. ...not even celebrities like Justin Bieber.

15. (Seriously, dude can't figure the damn things out.)

16. If the glass door doesn't get you, the rage will.

17. Sometimes they just totally shatter all on their own!

18. If I had to say one good thing about them, I guess it'd be that they're great at stopping really stupid criminals.

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