24 Things Teens Really, Really Like

At first glance, everything Teen Swag posts seems banal and pointless. But 1.4 million teens can’t be wrong.

1. Finding their birthday month in a list of every possible month: 53,850 Likes

2. When Jesus makes their wishes come true: 403,641 Likes

3. Feeling sleepy in class: 151,734 Likes

4. Colors: 282,967 Likes

5. Understanding: 140,211 Likes

6. Colorful, sugary drinks: 13,895 Likes

That doesn’t even take into account the number of teens who “disliked if you’re not.”

7. Poking holes in Coke wrappers: 89,248 Likes

8. This dog that died “because protecting his owner”: 1 million Likes

9. Rearranging keys on keyboards to spell out memes: 95,769 Likes

10. Worrying about mom when she’s sick: 63,083 Likes

11. Sticking their fingers in plastic lids: 84,129 Likes

12. Spotting subtle differences between two pictures: 875,877 Likes

13. Lipstick that looks like an eye: 137,494 Likes

14. Dogs holding hoses: 85,297 Likes

15. Guessing who Michael Jackson is: 93,086 Likes

16. Small graphics about how much they love their moms: 99,726 Likes

17. This video: 114,543 Likes

18. Money: 72,152 Likes

19. Speculating on whether they’re a girl or a boy: 89,213 Likes

20. Remembering one of the biggest songs from 2010: 58,379 Likes

21. Image macros about social anxiety: 100,031 Likes

22. Not smoking: 89,118 Likes

23. “Fake pools in Japan”: 70,075 Likes

24. Families doing push-ups together: 354,935 Likes

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