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    13 Cute Kid Vines You'll Watch Over And Over Again

    This settles it. Kids are better at Vine than anyone else. Everyone can stop trying to top them.

    1. This girl's flirting lessons:

    2. This girl who is annoyed you woke her up from her nap:

    3. This girl's reaction to posing for a Vine instead of a picture:

    4. This girl attempting to pronounce Despicable Me:

    5. And this girl who can't say "banana":

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    6. This activist picketing against the tyranny of her father:

    7. This little spotlight stealer:

    8. This little motormouth:

    9. And this little speed demon:

    10. This girl who knows exactly who to blame all of Miley's problems on:

    11. This kid who knows exactly what girls be like:

    12. These kids who have their choreography down:

    13. This girl who has no problem admitting her faults:

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