21 Modern Urban Legends That Will Keep You Up Tonight

    The bad news: You're not getting any sleep tonight. The good news: At least you won't have any nightmares.

    1. Tulpa

    2. Candle Cove

    3. Squidward’s Suicide

    When a group of editors uncover a lost episode of SpongeBob SquarePants called “Squidward’s Suicide,” they first think it’s a joke, but quickly discover the disturbing tale of Squidward’s final hours, complete with horrifying images they can never forget. Most disturbing, nobody knows where the footage came from.

    4. Ted The Caver

    5. BEN Drowned

    6. Lavender Town Syndrome

    7. Herobrine

    8. Dead Bart

    9. The Slender Man

    By now, almost everyone has heard of Slender Man. Slender Man has given a name and a face to the concept of the bogeyman. Except that Slender Man doesn’t have a face…just abnormally long limbs, possible tentacles, and a tendency to hang out near children. Slender Man is a fairly new name for a creature that has apparently existed in culture for thousands of years, and he’s LITERALLY OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW. RUN.

    10. suicidemouse.avi

    11. Pokémon Lost Silver

    Pokémon Lost Silver tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen. Whenever this strange game boots up, it sends messages to players urging them to leave. If they decide to stick around, they’re presented with a glitchy, partial Pokémon game, and a number of vague messages and threats about death. Whose death? It’s never quite clear. Maybe some random character in the game, or maybe yours. Probably yours.

    12. Little Pink Backpack

    If you’re ever walking along and find a little pink backpack, don’t open it. Whatever you do, don’t open it.

    13. Mr. Bear’s Cellar

    14. Normal Porn for Normal People

    15. Burgrr

    16. Polybius

    17. Robert the Doll

    18. SCP-173

    19. The Grifter

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    If you haven’t watched the video above, it may not be too late for you. If you have already watched the video, just keep an eye out for any out-of-place dolls around your house tonight.

    20. Jvk1166z.esp

    21. Smile Dog