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The 27 Most Impressive Chemical Reactions

Listen, chemicals are super awesome, and super dangerous. Best to enjoy them from the protection of your computer screen.

1. Ammonium dichromate looks pretty cool when you burn it:

2. Aluminum meets bromine:

3. Caesium and fluorine are a reactive combo:

4. Water and liquid nitrogen make pretty good cover for escape:

5. Take one part hydrogen peroxide, one part potassium iodide, and a little soap, and you've got yourself a tiny mushroom cloud:

6. (You can also do it in a jack-o-lantern:)

7. Make sure to avoid using gallium spoons in hot water:

8. If you ever mix cesium and water, make sure to take a step back first:

9. Glycine-nitrate reaction with precursors of barium nitrate, zirconyl nitrate and yttrium nitrate to form BaZr0.8Y0.2O3 (whatever that means):

10. Strontium, sulfur, And heat make for an unexpected light show:

11. Diethylzinc has a pesky habit of spontaneously combusting on contact with air:

12. Strong cup of coffee? Nope, just sulphuric acid causing explosive polymerization of p nitro aniline:

13. Gasoline + Fire = Awesome:

14. If you ever need some improvised rocket fuel, just drop a catalyst into some potassium chlorate and sugar:

15. Sodium Polyacrylate aka Instant Snow:

16. Lithium and fire get along pretty nicely:

17. The reason you should avoid getting and snake venom in your blood:

18. Copper and nitric acid:

19. Gallium melts aluminum, which is pretty cool:

20. Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Disulfide (aka The Barking Dog Experiment):

21. Ever wonder what happens when you drop a gummi bear into potassium chlorate? This:

22. Calcium gluconate and a little open flame:

23. Nitrogen triiodide is touchy enough to be detonated by a feather:

24. Here's what happens to Coke cans in hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide:

25. This one's pretty simple. Just some alcohol in a glass carboy:

Not technically chemical reactions, but these are pretty cool too:

26. This is what happens when you heat up a CD and blow on it in cold weather:

27. Laminar flow is a pretty neat party trick: