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Dr. Seuss Movie Crossovers

For Dr. Seuss Week, I crossed popular movies with Seuss classics that shared a similar plot or style.

The 30 Best Places To Be If You Love Books

Mark Twain said, "In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them." Mark Twain would have lost his mind if he saw these places.

Twitter Well-Wisher Shocked By Royal Thank-You Letter From William And Kate

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been sending letters of thanks to royal baby well-wishers.

The World's Worst Tattoo Has Finally Been Fixed

The internet is growing up, one crappy tattoo at a time.

A Cheerleader Hit The Greatest Basketball Trick Shot You'll Ever See

It's so good, she must be a witch of some kind.

The Mind Blowing Photography Of Water Wigs

Tim Tadder's photography has brought us the liquid hairstyles and hats of our dreams. And they only last for .01 of a second.

How “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” Ruled The Internet

Four Canadian film students were assigned a project: Create a YouTube hoax video that gets 100,000 views. They got nearly 42 million instead. Here’s the definitive behind-the-meme look at how — and why — their homework snowballed into one of the most popular and rapidly spread videos ever.

38 Maps You Never Knew You Needed

Some prime examples of map porn for all my fellow amateur cartographers to get lost in. Get it?

24 Awesome Pop Culture Illustrations

Tyler Feder is an talented up-and-coming illustrator that posts many of her drawings on her Tumblr. Here's a collection of some of my favorites.

31 Dream Houses In The Woods

These photos will make you move to the woods and become a chillwave druid.

The Sublime Storm On The Surface Of The Sun

NASA has captured perhaps the most beautiful footage of the sun ever recorded.

Which Game Of Thrones House Are You?

You could try to sort out generations and generations of noble blood lines, or just take our quiz.

11 Cincinnati Foods That Are Better Than Yours

Don't be jealous. The worst part about moving away from Cincy is leaving behind this regional feast.

The 27 Most Impressive Chemical Reactions

Listen, chemicals are super awesome, and super dangerous. Best to enjoy them from the protection of your computer screen.

23 Amazing Photos Of Germany's Totally Unnatural Tropical Oasis

Why go to Jamaica when you can vacation in an a Biodome-like airplane hangar?

This Is The View Through Google's Glasses

A tour of the world, as seen through Google's Project Glass. With actual footage.

Fascinating Map Of The Most Common Locations Where Craigslist "Missed Connections" Occur

Dorothy Gambrell of Psychology Today put together this map of the number-one places where missed connections occur by state. It's very telling and also pretty hilarious.

15 Gorgeous Photographs Of A Little Girl Recreating Classic Paintings

Australian photographer Bill Gekas depicts his daughter in the style of master painters.

5 Fabulous Popcorn Recipes For An Oscars Party

The Academy Awards might be boring, but your snack situation won't be.

Unearthed Photos By Secretive Nanny Rocking The Art World

You must see this fascinating trailer for a forthcoming documentary exploring the work of Vivian Maier, a caregiver whose hobby remained a secret.

15 Hedgehogs With Things That Look Like Hedgehogs

I think I need to get my eyes checked or something. I'm having some difficulty telling these things apart.

This Is What 200 Calories Looks Like

Calories are kind of a stupid way to measure food in real life. So wiseGEEK illustrated what 200 calories actually looks like with these fascinating photographs.

Firsts In The Field Of Photography

Stop taking selfies on your smartphone and appreciate some history!

Breathtaking Subway Stations Around The World

These metro lines have become sought-after destinations unto themselves.

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