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    Can Riverdale Survive "Afterlife With Archie"?

    Zombies walk the Earth, the gang is trapped in Lodge Manor, and Riverdale is in flames as the thrilling Afterlife With Archie reached its exciting conclusion. Afterlife With Archie #5 hits shelves May 14th.

    Afterlife with Archie series writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa:

    Finally, all of the different story strands we've been following through the first four issues of "Afterlife" come together in this, the final chapter of Book One: "Escape from Riverdale." After last issue's almost exclusive focus on Archie and his parents, it was great to get all of the kids under one roof and see how we could stir the pot in the hothouse environment that is Lodge Manor. For me, as a writer, I enjoy the personal, character interactions as much as the horror and zombie carnage, though there's plenty of that as well…

    Preview of Afterlife with Archie #5:

    Via Archie Comics
    Via Archie Comics
    Via Archie Comics

    Afterlife with Archie artist Francesco Francavilla:

    While we have seen the horrors of the zombie outbreak in issue 2 and 3, and the sacrifices Archie (and his dog Vegas) had to make in issue 4, issue 5 is where we find out which other of the surviving characters will have a key role moving forward: definitely the perfect ending to this extraordinary journey for the Archie gang that has been this first arc.Stick with us after #5: the journey ain't over just yet!

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