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    33 Kids Who Are Gonna Grow Up To Be Just Fine

    Studies show that geeky kids grow up to be happier adults. These kids are going to be the happiest adults ever.

    1. Not even born yet, and already a nerd.

    2. I appreciate that this kid is even nailing the backstory.

    3. Endorable!

    4. This kid knows what's up.

    5. We went back too far!

    6. Me too, kid. Me too.

    7. The Mushroom Kingdom's tiniest resident.

    8. Defending the universe from nap time.


    9. The kid on the left is technically imaginary, so this counts as only one kid.

    10. Time jumping is pretty common in comic books. There's no way to know if that's not just a tiny Andrew Garfield.

    11. Everyone's favorite Time Lord-In-Waiting.

    12. This could actually just be a middle-aged Kokiri. Hard to tell sometimes.

    13. This is the least enthusiastic chest-burster I've ever seen.

    14. You merely adopted the dark. This kid was born in it.

    15. The diminutive dynamic duo!

    16. They grow up so fast (after eating a mushroom).

    17. I don't remember this part from Wolverine: Origins.

    18. No tiny Wolverine is complete without a tiny Jubilee.

    19. Even President Obama appreciates a tiny crime fighter.

    20. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-batkids!

    21. This is so adorable that I'm willing to excuse the confused universes.


    23. The prequel to The Avengers.

    24. Babies. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

    25. Go ahead and laugh, but this kid could kick your ass.

    26. Let's see who's cooing when you get your spine ripped out.

    27. Before they were Avengers.

    28. Ooo's tiniest adventurer.

    29. You should see how fast this kid can crawl.

    30. She doesn't look thrilled, but you wouldn't be thrilled either if you were growing up to be an 8-foot dog person.

    31. The paste kid is never going to live this down.

    32. Live long and toddler.

    33. Steve Rodgers, pre–super soldier serum.