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    31 Things From Target You'll Want To Bring On Your Next Camping Trip

    Basically everything you could possibly need when it comes to camping.

    1. An outdoor tarp that will keep you (and your supplies) from getting drenched during a sudden summer rain. It's super durable and comes in multiple sizes that can cover a whole variety of tents.

    The tarp

    2. A six-person tent, because what's better than being with your five closest people under one roof? It's incredibly spacious, rainproof, and only takes 10 minutes to assemble.

    The tent

    3. A cushy sleeping bag made specifically for people over 6-foot-5 so you never have to struggle with not having enough room to sleep at night when you're enjoying your camping trip. The best part is: it will keep you warm in up to 30 degree weather.

    The sleeping bag

    4. An emergency blanket for when a disaster (hopefully never!) happens. It's so important to be prepared in the outdoors and, with this blanket reflecting 90 percent of your body heat, you'll never have to worry about not being ready for any scenario.

    The tarp-like emergency blanket

    5. A 24-quart backpack cooler that will hold all the important stuff that you'll *need* at the campsite. Whether its granola bars for the trail or a gallon of cool water, this pack holds it all and more.

    The backpack cooler

    6. An inflatable mattress with a pump, because there's nothing worse than sleeping on top of a bed of rocks. This incredibly comfy blow-up mattress resists against mold, prevents leaks, and can support up to 300 lbs.

    The inflatable mattress

    7. A rechargeable LED flashlight so you'll never have to stumble around in the dark while trying to locate the bathroom at night. Being out in the woods at night can make it incredibly hard to see, but this 360-degree lighting experience will illuminate your campground and let you take in every view possible.

    The flashlight

    8. A large camping chair for the times when you've returned from a long hike and just need to chill. It's large and in charge, water-resistant, and roomy, making it perfect for curling up next to the campfire.

    Model sitting in the camping chair

    9. A two-burner propane stove that is perfect for camping in groups with a big appetite after a long journey to the campsite. Plus it's super easy to detach and clean making it perfect for on-the-go campers.

    The travel propane stove

    10. A grill cover, because why wouldn't you want your grill to be protected from the same weather disparities that you're vehemently avoiding? This super practical purchase will protect from all the elements and last forever.

    The grill cover

    11. A stainless-steel all-in-one food jar so you won't have to worry about foraging for your next meal. This leak-proof thermos locks in temperature and keep food fresh for longer so you can continue to enjoy your food hours later.

    The food jar with top that can be used as bowl

    12. An LED flashlight for when you need a little help navigating further away from your campsite. This rechargeable handheld light is a lifesaver when you're wandering late and night and are trying to decipher north from south.

    The flashlight

    13. A searing barbecue box that minimizes mess by vaporizing dripping grease and makes for a perfect addition to any grill setup.

    The barbecue box

    14. A lightweight hammock, because there's nothing better than relaxing under a canopy of trees after a long day. It's super light, making it perfect for summer, yet incredibly durable and simple to set up. This hammock is ideal for any camping excursion.

    Model sitting in hammock

    15. An insulated water bottle so you can keep your water colder for longer. The lid is leak-proof so you'll never have to worry about it spilling and it's the perfect compact size to take anywhere.

    The water bottle

    16. A set of trekking poles for those that are hiking inclined. They provide amazing stability while still allowing for a great full-body workout. A perfect purchase for the active camper.

    The trekking poles

    17. A 140-piece first aid kit that can be used to help out in any scenario. It comes with cleansing wipes, gauze, antibiotic cream, among other things, making it perfect for fixing up minor scrapes and cuts.

    The first aid kit

    18. A canister of pepper spray, because being "too prepared" isn't a thing. If you're taking a solo camping trip or even just going on a lengthy hike at odd hours, this is sure to make you feel in control so you can enjoy your surroundings without worry.

    The pepper spray bottle in pink

    19. A reusable pump so you'll never have to know the woe that is rolling over to an uninflated side of the air mattress in the night. Charge it at home and throw it in your car to be a proactive camper and you're ready for the best sleep of your life.

    The reusable pump

    20. A water filter straw for the camper that loves every part of the camping experience *except* lugging gallons of water everywhere. It fights against 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, and every sip will leave you refreshed and hydrated.

    The filter straw

    21. A compass with LED light that will illuminate the way while you navigate in the great outdoors. There's nothing more frustrating than losing your way, especially when it's getting dark. With this all in one light-up compass, you'll never have to guess which direction you're going.

    The compass with necklace attachment

    22. An Igloo BMX cooler, because having a cold beverage at the end of a long day of hiking or swimming is just the best. The largest model holds up to 72 quarts and the clampdown lid helps you beat the heat and keep your items cold for up to five days in 90-degree weather.

    The cooler

    23. A butane/propane stove so you can cook as high quality of meals while camping as you would in the comfort of your own kitchen. It's light, easily transportable, and extremely effective, boiling a liter of water in just three minutes.

    The mini travel stove

    24. A stainless-steel all-in-one cook set for the forgetful camper that wants all their essentials in one place. This eight-piece cook set includes two bowls with lids that double as cutting boards, one spatula and one ladle with extending handle, and one pot with a vented lid. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe and incredibly easy to clean.

    The set

    25. A pair of binoculars that'll be perfect for birdwatchers and hikers looking to enhance the view, alike. Plus, they're affordable and water-resistant.

    The binoculars

    26. A portable mosquito repeller, because who wants all that yucky spray stuck to their skin for days on end when you can easily use to protect your whole campsite? It comes with 12 hours of refills and reviewers actually can't say enough good things about it.

    The mosquito repeller

    27. A pair of rotisserie forks so you can roast marshmallows by the fire all night long. There's nothing more satisfying that eating s'mores by the campfire and these adjustable forks allow you to do just that at any height, making them a perfect addition to a family camping trip with small children.

    The rotisserie fork

    28. A cast-iron skillet for making incredible fireside meals. It's an amazing conductor of heat and, unlike other plans, is seasoned in a way to bring out the best smokey flavors that the fire has to offer.

    The cast iron skillet

    29. A handheld misting fan that'll be perfect for warm-weather camping trips in the summer. It's also ideal for offering a little relief after a long hike under the sun. The cooling water feature combined with the powerful fan makes for the perfect way to unwind.

    The purple handheld fan

    30. A coffee percolator, because if you're like us, you need your coffee fix no matter where you're waking up. If the smell of fresh air doesn't *quite* do it for you, then this cool grip percolator that has been deemed by reviewers as "perfect for camping" may just do it for you.

    The coffee-maker tin

    31. A weather radio so you'll be prepared for any scenario. It's charged by solar power and you can even plug your phone into it, making it an ideal addition to any camping setup.

    The weather radio

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